The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The life of Martin Luther King, Jr, came to a sudden end on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN on April 4, 1968.

The Grisly Crimes of Amelia Dyer

Baby farmers were people who would take custody of children and babies in the late Victorian Era, in exchange for payment. The term itself was actually a negative term for these people, and was usually used to imply that the person caring for the children was treating the children improperly (Wikipedia 2019).

The Dupont de Ligonnès Murders (And Disappearance)

The Dupont de Ligonnès were the descendants of French aristocracy, and were the world to be as it was before France banned social classes in the 1700s, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès would have been a count